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Integrated teamwork

the future of asset management

Integrated teamwork

the future of asset management


Timeline of the project

Supply and Installation Agreement Contract acceptance letter by IUK signed


29th March 2018

Fuel Gas Skid FAT complete


19th November 2018

MkVe Control System Equipment Factory Acceptance Test complete


14th December 2018

Equipment Delivery to Bacton site


5th February 2019

Installation start date


11th February 2019

Fuel Gas Skid pressure test complete


25th May 2019

24 Hour Soak Test complete


5th June 2019

Handover to IUK Operations for Initial Operations


10th June 2019


  • Upgrade of control system from Mark V to Mark Ve.
  • Upgrade of Bentley Nevada vibration monitoring system from 3300 to 3500.
  • Replacement of the fuel gas metering valves from hydraulic to Woodward electric.
  • Upgrade of instrumentation to ATEX certified equipment inside the turbo-compressor enclosure.
  • Change to enclosure ventilation requirements.
  • Simplified turbine F&G system by putting ventilation fan control into the MkVe software.
  • Change to Fuel Gas Isolation Philosophy for safety improvement.
  • Upgrade of MkVe to SCADA Communication Link.
  • Removal of Auxiliary Hydraulic Oil Pump.
  • Improvements in diagnostic data via the new HMI.


Key figures for savings

  • 1.
    Reduction in electricity consumptionas the turbine enclosure fans are no longer required to run when the machine is offline
  • 1.
    Reduction in vented gas volumes due to the removal of the ‘Blackstart’ (power down of Unit Control Panel and vent of process compressor)
  • 1.
    Improved fault finding and diagnostic
  • 1.
    Reduction in maintenance costs
  • 1.
    Reduction in hydraulic leak pointsby moving to electrically actuated fuel valves
  • 1.
    - Reduction in leak points - Less equipment requiring maintenanceRemoval of 75% of the hydraulic synthetic oil system including 2x accumulator vessels
  • 1.
    Smaller footprintfor new vibration rack in Unit Control Panel
  • 1.
    improving cyber securityNew HMI running new OS and future software support


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