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Smart gas, smart assets

Managing thousands of assets across their entire lifecycle made easy

Managing thousands of assets across their entire lifecycle made easy

An integrated and highly innovative system developed in-house to strengthen the interaction between our teams, infrastructures and processes with a seamless information flow.

Smart systems for asset lifecycle

Everything is integrated in a smart ecosystem thanks to the reengineering of operating processes and the adoption of digital technologies: modelling and maintenance throughout the lifespan of the asset, from planning to operations and maintenance.

32,500 km

Gas infrastructure




Transportation Compression Stations with a total power of 901 MW


Gas Storage Compression Stations with a total power of 358 MW

Business-led solutions that improve quality, efficiency and safety

360° systems and processes integration allow:

- Optimal scheduling management of maintenance tasks and procedures
- Reduced lag time between issue and adoption of regulatory requirements
- Full leverage and upgrade of operators’ professional skills
- Minimal downtime in on-demand asset management activities

smart gas


Parallel working sites


ICT systems rationalized


Processes mapped

Smart systems for asset lifecycle management

  • eDoc

    Document management
  • Cartesio

    Asset design with integrated cartography
  • Sche.Ma

    Asset details & technical design
  • EAM

    Maintenance rules & work order planning
  • SAM

    Workforce management

Smart Gas is flexible

Smart Gas is adaptative

Smart Gas systems are designed to adapt to different levels of available information on the assets, down to the most detailed, and they can be customized according to different needs.

Thanks to a self-feeding flow of information.


Smart scheduling for better results

We connect data sets with human resources skills, availability, distances and displacements through a scheduling algorithm which optimizes the paths when assigning the maintenance activities to be performed.

Mobile devices synchronisation of the list of activities (which can also be viewed offline). An app to show additional information (e.g. materials and equipment required) and supporting documentation attached to the list of orders. Intervention details by field operating staff are immediately recorded on a back-end platform. The information is reflected in automatically updating scheduling parameters.

The app features:
- GPS technology
- data collection forms
- images upload
- consultation of the asset status with its complete interventions history record
- RFID tag system to confirms the actual presence of the operator in the plant
- integration with other systems combining cartography, satellite images and augmented reality to locate and inspect underground pipelines.

smart gas

An Apple success story

Apple mentioned us as a success story for our innovative use of apps and devices that make processes more efficient. Over the past few years, more than 1,500 iPads have been deployed, of which 1,200 are assigned to field workers. The adoption of these devices and the development of native iOS apps allowed us to reach new standards of excellence.

smart gas

Bringing physical assets to a connected and digitalized world


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